Live-action short, 2010

  • Awards
    • Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film - Darnel Powell, 2010 Long Island International Film Expo
    • Finalist,'s Get It Made! Competition.
  • Official selections
    • 2010 San Antonio Film Festival
    • 2010 HollyShorts Film Festival
    • 2010 Columbia Gorge Film Festival
    • 2010 Zero Film Festival
    • 2010 Korean American Film Festival of New York
    • 2011 WILDsound Film Festival

Synopsis: Paul is a poor college student who gets a job as a dishwasher at a small diner named "Rosewood" to help pay his bills. However, to survive his first night on the job, he must contend with a hostile kitchen crew and learn what it really takes to work in the restaurant industry.

"Rosewood" is a short film that came out of a feature-length script I had written, also titled "Rosewood". It was shot at a real restaurant, also named "Rosewood", over nine days, and on a budget of about $200.